July 31, 2009

I know at first glance, a sequel to Tron [1.0], a film made the year my wife was born, doesn't have much to do with computers & technology. But it has more to do with it than anyone realizes.
First off, I never would have found an interest in computers or even my current career and lifestyle if it wasn't for seeing, and loving, that movie back in 1982, I never would have thought one could be "cool" and be a computer programmer. This film not only showed amazing innovation in the CGI industry but it captured the imagination of myself, and a whole generation of kids that went on to be geeks, cool or not, that helped the digital world become what it is today.

So it is with great joy & excitement that I bring to you the real trailer for TR2N (AKA Tron 2.0) from You Tube. Watch it while it's there because a recent article over at TechDirt.com entitled

Great Moments In Marketing: Disney Pulls Movie Trailer Off YouTube For Copyright Claims

Where Mike Masnick writes:
"The purpose of a movie trailer is that it's a commercial. It's a pure advertisement with the math being simple: the more people you get to see it, the more likely you are to get people interested in shelling out cash to see the actual film."

(LINK TO TECHDIRT.COM ARTICLE HERE and it's a great read)

Which makes total since but apparently Disney has sent a Take Down Notice for their Alice In Wonderland trailer. (Directed by Tim Burton and it looks RAD!)

So before they bull it down, check it out and it will be released in 2011 and Jeff Bridges is reprising his role as Kevin Flynn. WOOT! As an added bonus, I have added the ever-popular Tron Guy's video (Jay Maynard) as well because...well...I love the guy and I never get tired of him! More to come...