August 31, 2009

Good afternoon!

As the title of this post suggests...we're moving.
Not my family, but our blog. This is in no way due to or's just time for a change. Also, I'm paid up for two years of hosting at another provider so I figure I might as well use it!
I haven't used Blogger for even a year but they are a great tool and I love the ability to integrate third party apps/widgets as well as the ease of using Google Ad-Sense.
In moving, however, I will be able to add the forums I wanted to easier as well as update the blog more often. So, a HUGE thank you to Blogger and Google for having me and I of course will always retain my account over at

The move will take approximately two weeks and the domain won't be changing. So mark your calendars for the 14th of September and we will see you then with a new look and more content.

As a final thought, here's the most popular video on my YouTube Channel:



If you use Linux in conjunction with Skype at all, you probably have said many expletives, beat up your PC or even woke up in cold sweats from nightmares.
I'm exagerating of course but it can be a pain just to get it to work. Audio out works but voice in doesn't; calls drop; your CPU starts to sound like an oldskool RAID drive Apache Helicoptor. Well, over at
ctsdownloads on YouTube they Matt Hartley has posted two great videos for beginner and Guru alike. Rather than go into the details and steal their thunder, I've embedded the videos below. So if you're a Skype fan and you use the latest version of Ubuntu, (or Xubuntu like myself.) then check 'em out and give them some five star love! ;-)



August 12, 2009

It's my Dad's birthday and what a gift he's going to get, [he hates Microsoft] when he hears that Judge Leonard Davis of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has declared that Microsoft cannot sell a product called Microsoft Word. [via PC World]
Apparently, MS Word violates a Toronto Company's Patent on reading XML.
I was always curious about how M$ got away with locking down their DOCX format from being edited by other software since it uses XML which is open to everyone.
For example, is able to open the DOCX format but once you edit it, you must save it in a different format. Microsoft apparently has 60 days to complie so that explains why MS Word is still for sale on their website. I personally recommend as an alternative for any of you that are/were looking to purchase Word after the next sixty days. It's free, smaller footprint, open source and runs on multiple platforms. It can do pretty much everything that Word and MS Office can do and, oh yeah, did I mention it's free?
So, does anyone have other alternatives to Word that they use, free or not? Leave a comment and let our readers know what options are out there!

August 11, 2009

Okay, I know this isn't very Linux oriented, but, if you use Windows 7 (or dual boot like I do w/ Linux) and updated to the new Windows Live may have noticed by now that Windows Movie Maker got an update and...well...frankly it totally sucks.
Great News, however...

Sarah Perez over at has an article on how to get the old version back!

Check it out here or just follow the link below if you don't need any instructions!