November 24, 2008

Newbie (also said as noob or newby)
1. A slang term for a newcomer to Online gaming or an Internet activity: John Mccain is a total newb to Twitter.
May also be used for any other activity in whose context a somewhat clueless newcomer could exist: When Columbus set foot on the shore of the New World, the natives secretly thought he was a huge newb.
2. A mispronounced drunken slur describing an exotic dancer and said dancer's obvious state: Holy Cowl! That nady up there is totallry newb!


Well hello there, guys and gals, and welcome to the first post of our new blog, Krubuntu dot Com! I’ll cut to the chase and let ya’ll know what we’re about. As our charter states, our mission is to educate people on using applications and operating systems that are outside the norm because, well, basically the majority of computer users don’t know that there are other options. If I had a dime for every time I heard a computer referred to as “Windows” I’d have a butt-load of dimes!
Now there are many blogs, sites, forums, articles, etc. that tackle this issue but I noticed the majority of them were full of elitist L33T Speak, A$$holes that treated people with the simplest of questions like they were idiots. No One is an idiot here. Our motto is “Everyone was a newb at one time.” And it absolutely holds true. I was a newbie when I got my Commodore 64 back in 1979 and my mom was one when she got her Dell Inspiron three years ago. (She’s 64 and can run Excel and Calc like a champ now!) So my point is the majority of these sites and forums hate Microsoft and seem to want people to make the jump to Linux in some form or another, but when they ask a question that may have a simple answer, they’re treated like retards with flaming in the forums and insults all around. If you want people to embrace a different option when it comes to an operating system, you should welcome them and help them in any way they can, not treat them like an outsider. That’s going to push them away and help M$ maintain their monopoly on the PC world.
Our opening post here unfortunately isn't very informative as of yet as my family and I are very busy with some personal issues as well as professional ones at the moment, however...
We do have a video to share with you. Below is a video of one of our former cats, Lucky, the day after Halloween. I caught him playing with his Red Rocket and...well...just watch the video if you'd like to know more and click on it to eventually read a more detailed description.

(BTW, Lucky is one of our former cats but he isn't dead or anything. My wife has a great love of animals, especially cats, and she aspires to one day become a veterinarian. Unfortunately this love sometimes is blind and at one time, we literally had 19 cats living on or around our home. All have found their way into loving families or our local humane society save for one that we kept. He, like Lucky, is a Manx but not a midget and his name is Dingo. He's a pretty swell guy and very vocal which I actually enjoy. Moral of the tale and the video?
Spay or neuter your!)
Please don't let the tastelessness of the film keep you from checking back with us or subscribing to our rss feed. I promise that there will eventually be footage of Distro Tests, UI demos, and scenes from our daughter's third birthday party which is a riot as we got her a Penguin Blanket as one of her gifts and upon opening it, we asked her what it was and instead of saying “penguin” she gasped, “Tux!” She definitely gets that from my side of the family.
Also, bandwidth ain't free and neither are ICANN fees, (although they aren't too much....yet...) and we will have a PayPal Donation Button here for any kind-hearted souls that feel they would like to help a site that's trying to do some good in the world with some spare change. [or spare dollars...euros...loonies...etc.

So until next time, it has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance and as Google likes to say, “Don't be evil.” and remember, the next time someone asks you why the .exe file they downloaded won't open on their Ubuntu notebook, think twice before tearing into them, I'm sure at some point many of us wondered that.....except for Linus. :)
Matthew Krum