May 2, 2009

Aaand.... we're back.

All apologies to anyone that may have checked out our site in the last five months but we had a number of issues to clear up in our social circles, financial circles and dealing with a family pet's death. :-(

But we're back and we're ready to rock!

So as I stated in the first post as well as other places in the blog, we are dedicated to teaching people about alternative Operating Systems for computers as well as Open Source or free software options for various functions, businesses, devices and people. During our hiatus, my wife and I discussed what direction we wanted to go in with Krubuntu and what we felt we were best at teaching people and had the most resources to educate users.

What we've decided is a little off the path we had intended to follow but we feel this blog, (forum coming soon!) will still benefit users that have inquiries regarding their computers.

But...mainly we know that we will be a super-useful resource for individuals that need help with their mobile devices like; cell phones, smart phones, BlackBerry's, Internet tablets and even netbooks.

If you have a question about a mobile device or industry, we can answer it, regardless of OS.

On that note, I'm happy to announce that my wife and I recently purchased two G-1 Touch Screen Phones running the Android OS.

This device was billed by many as the iPhone killer when it was released in September. Now I can't judge the iPhone without being biased. I've never owned an iPod let alone an iPhone, I hate that it's a GSM device and you have to jump through hoops to get it unlocked and use it on network other than AT&T and I don't like the idea of being required to use iTunes to activate and sync your device. So, we won't be comparing this device to the iPhone.

What we will be doing is a video review of the G-1 that's more thorough than the ones that are currently cruising the blogs and a Weekly Review of Apps downloaded from the Android Market.

Now this doesn't mean that we won't be covering new distros of Linux or setting up the forum to answer questions so watch for those updates. Also, tune in every Sunday as they will be Open Source Sundays and we will be posting an article about a popular program or application that is commonly used with Windows or OS X, [like MS Word] and going over the Open Source equivalent or options [like Open Writer.]

But, as stated previously, we feel this is a better path for us to take and use our expertise on.

So, if you don't know what the G-1 is, check out and if you don't know what Android is, check out and come back for Video Reviews of the G-1 and apps as well as Linux Distros and again, we are a not-for-profit organization and if you'd like to donate using PayPal, send any amount to with Donation selected and type in Krubuntu where it asks what the payment is for.


Matthew Krum