July 16, 2009

Good morning, readers.
UPDATE: We were able to get enough money for my wife's doctor's visit today but we are still short for her medication. If there are any of you that are able, please use the donate button below. My wife is bearing it so far but still practically immobile and unable to move. As an added incentive, we will be choosing a donater at random and giving away a Free 2GB MP3 Player as a thank you for your kindness and again, any donations will be paid back within 60 days. Thank you again and God Bless.


----------------Original Post 7/14/2009
I have bad news this morning... We are experiencing another family emergency to our dismay;

As some of you may or may not know, my wife is disabled due to a condition know as Pudendal Nerve Entrapment
and she is always in a state of discomfort if not full blown pain. Due to a recent crisis, we have literally ZERO dollars right now and she needs to see her Doctor today as well as pay for her medications. The total amount is a little under $800.00 and we currently have $0.00...actually less than that as our bank accounts are overdrawn at the moment.

Now, I'm sure you have an idea what I'm getting at, but this IS NOT as scam and we are honest, hard working people that have been affected by this condition that she received while giving birth to our daughter. With out her medications and her doctor's visit, she is completely immobile and miserable. She usually can barely lay still and just cry.

All of our other resources have been used up at this point. All of our parents are broke, relatives, all we have left are friends or kind strangers.

So, I have set up a PayPal Donation button below that anyone with a credit/debit card or PayPal account can use to donate any amount of money to us....here's the catch...we will pay everything back that is given to us within two months.
I have recently found a job opportunity that was made for me and I know I'm going to get it and our problems will be sated for a moment. I hate doing this but I can't stand to see my wife suffer. If anyone out there could spare anything, I know it's hard right now, but anything at all, we will send it back to you via Pay Pal within the next two months. If you're uncomfortable using my Donate Button, we accept donations under my email, matthew@krubuntu.com and again, anything and everything helps. Now if you can't, won't whatever the reason, that's fine. Like Cheech & Chong once said, "Things are Tough All Over," so we don't blame anyone for not donating.

But if anything, please at least try and spread the word to someone you know that can help, or comment here some words of support or Tweet some kind words for my wife and family at Twitter.com/Krubuntu

We just need some help & we're asking for it.
Now not to close on a totally depressing note, below the Donate button are some wicked funny You Tube videos just for the heck of it.

Thank you for reading,

God Bless and have a great week.