November 6, 2009

I just read this and was really surprised that Bradley's Estate would have the courts file against his former band mates & friends. 

Bradley Nowell, I'm sure, was the main portion of the band including coming up with many of the songs and probably the name. (He did have it tattooed on his do 1000's of other people now, meh.)
But I remember in 1996 when he passed and I thought that it was all of his friends trying to get him clean and cared about him before his ultimate demise.
His Estate and his relatives do have every right to do it but something that troubles me is that they had to get a 'court injunction?' Like the former 'Sublime' members are that desperate for the name that Bradley's Family[Estate] had to file an injunction. That's just ugly. They're the benefactors and relatives of their friend and singer who passed away 13 freakin' years ago so why couldn't the family have just been like, 'No you cant do it' and the Long Beach Dub Allstars, being Bradley's 'friends,' should have been like, 'ok, it's cool. We'll go by 'Bum-Time' or 'Lunch-Crime' or maybe LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS like they have been for the last decade?
This article is good as it gets the point across, no real gossip or BS and Yahoo! News obviously got it off of the AP Wire so my review isn't really about the article and the article itself doesn't say that the remaining members will NOT get to use the name with their new singer, Rome Ramirez, just that they will have to pay for it.
My biggest beef, however, is that THERE WAS A FREAKING Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival in Southern California on October 24th and I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT IT?!
Capital WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT, man! I only live like a days drive from there and I could have been puffing with Effing 'Insane in the Membrane?'
I'm livid! The last, and ONLY time I got to see Sublime live was during Warp tour in the '90s and I didn't get to chill with Cypress Hill and NOW I'm reading about a Smokeout Festival that happened 11 days ago. I mean, 'HELLO, Associated Press!' This is News, not 'rocket science!'
(That's when we launch a projectile that crashes into the moon.)
Why do we have the internets, the Twitters, the Diggables, the Skipes, MeSpaces and yes even the StumbleUpon if I can't find out about a Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival in Southern California until eleven days after the fact although I could drive there in 23 hours. Less than one day.
Well, I'm glad that Bradley Knowle's Estate feels vindicated, I'm sure the Long Beach Dub Allstars are going to (or have? 11 days ago!) rock like it's 2009 but I will be here sober on my unemployed ass learning how to use StumbleUpon, NOT hanging at the Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival in Southern California and bitching about it. Thank you for reading.
I'm Matthew Krum and I'm not Canadian...but I play one on YouTube.



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