October 14, 2009

So, lots of stuff happening today...where do I begin...

  • We will be utilizing a different format within the week.
  • More videos will be uploaded at YouTube.com/Krum303
  • There will be many more updates because...well...I got fired today.
Yes, unfortunately I wasn't able to keep my new position for more than a month. The training there was to last six months and while in training, they have a strict 'no absence or tardy' policy. I agreed to this policy thinking I could make it. Heck, I needed the money and I really liked the job. But, as fate would have it, I slept through my alarm this morning and I was an hour late to work. So they canned me and I am now unemployed once again. So I'll be posting Linux news & happenings, lots of Android stuff, new videos and articles & stories about Patent Reform & Copy Left issues.

One last thing, ya'll know about my Twitter account & @Krubuntu and all that but now we have a Qik account too. So head on over to Qik.com/Krubuntu to see some vids and watch my Twitter account for live shows starting soon!
Love you all and thanks for reading,



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